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Ready to hit the road on a motorbike or explore the great outdoors with your family in a campervan? You could finally skim across the water on your boat, Jet Ski, or your dream water toy. We could help make all this possible with the right vehicle loan for you – our experience and expertise make us one of the leading providers of vehicle finance in NZ.

Want to upgrade your car? Whether you’re buying new or used, our car loans can help you get behind the wheel in no time.

At Instant Finance, we’ve helped thousands of New Zealanders get the right loan for their next vehicle. With a fast online application process, we make getting the vehicle you need easy. So why wait? Apply online or get in touch with our friendly team today so you can hit the winding road or waves in style.

  • Fast online application

    Apply from anywhere, anytime! Not only is the application form fast, but it helps us collect all the information we need and process your application faster too.
  • Same day response

    When you need cash, you don't want to be held up. You can expect a same-day response about the next steps for your application.
  • Money in your account within 24hrs of approval

    Once your loan application is approved, you could have money in your account within 24 hours and get back to what you love.
  • Personalised rates

    Get an interest rate of your own! We know there's no one size fits all, so we tailor our interest rates to you and your financial situation. Why not have a play with our calculator?

Not sure what you can afford?

Curious about what it takes to make this all possible? Have a play with our online vehicle finance calculator to find out what your repayments might be.

With just a few clicks, you can adjust the loan amount and term to see how your repayments will be impacted and make an informed decision about your vehicle purchase.

Act like a cash buyer

Don’t let financing hold you back from getting your dream vehicle. With Instant Finance pre-approved vehicle loans, you’ll know exactly how much you can afford, allowing you to act like a cash buyer at the vehicle dealership. Negotiate the best deal on your new vehicle, motorcycle, jet ski or campervan. Apply now and drive off the lot with confidence.

Get on the road faster with online vehicle loan applications

Don't let complicated loan applications slow you down. Our easy online application process takes the hassle out of getting vehicle finance in NZ. Complete our online application, provide the necessary documentation, and we will work with you on the rest. Our team will review your application and provide you with options for vehicle loans that suit your needs.

How does Instant Finance car finance work?

At Instant Finance, it’s easy to apply for a vehicle loan.

  1. Apply online with your contact info, financial details, the loan amount, and the type of loan you want.
  2. We’ll assess your vehicle loan application and let you know if we can lend you the money and what loan options you’re eligible for.
  3. If we can, we’ll transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Easy as!

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Loan terms

Our minimum loan term is 3 months, and our maximum loan period is typically 5 years.

Interest rates

Instant Finance provides loans at an annual interest rate from 12.95% to 29.95% per annum.
The rate that applies to your loan will be based on a range of factors including your circumstances, credit history with us or others, the security you can provide and the loan amount.

Once set, our interest rate is fixed for the term of your loan.

Default interest rate

If you get behind in your loan repayments, then we may charge a default interest rate on any overdue loan payments, while they are unpaid. The Default rate that we charge is 10% per annum above the Interest Rate that normally applies to your loan.

On this basis the maximum annual interest rate charged would be 39.95%

Loan fees

We have various fees attributed to your loan which are added to your loan repayments.




Loan establishment fee

A one-off set up fee for your loan.

From $100 to $220 depending on amount of new money borrowed

Administration fee

A fee per instalment paid.

$3 (per instalment)

Variation fee

A one-off fee charged if your loan terms are changed.


Full repayment fee

A one-off fee if you pay off your loan in full before the final payment is due.

$25 + any calculated loss.   

ID Verification Processing Fee

A per verification charge through a 3rd party.


Loan Example:

The amount repayable of your loan is made up of your interest rate, plus fees. For example, if borrowing $10,000 repayable over 3 years at an interest rate of 29.95% you would be required to make 156 weekly instalments of $102.54. This repayment is made up of interest, an establishment fee of $220, an ID verification fee of $7.70 and an administration fee of $3.00 per instalment.

Total interest would be $5,300.54 with total fees of $695.7 making the total payable over the full term $15,996.24.