Looking to buy a car but don't have the funds? Instant Finance is here to help, with car loans personalised to your needs.

An Instant Finance Car Loan can help get you on the road in a ride that suits all lifestyles and can help you spread the cost over a few months or years. 

We make borrowing money to buy a car easy, so if you're thinking about car finance in NZ, talk to our friendly staff and act like a cash buyer at the car yard. And if you’re looking to purchase a second-hand car, visit  Easy Driver, a sister company of Instant Finance.


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  • Fast online application

    Apply from anywhere, anytime! Not only is the application form fast, but it helps us collect all the information we need and process your application faster too.
  • Same day response

    When you need cash, you don't want to be held up. You can expect a same-day response about the next steps for your application.
  • Money in your account within 24hrs of approval

    Once your loan application is approved, you could have money in your account within 24 hours and get back to what you love.
  • Personalised rates

    Get an interest rate of your own! We know there's no one size fits all, so we tailor our interest rates to you and your financial situation. Why not have a play with our calculator?

Fast and Easy Car Loan Application Process

You could borrow up to $50,000 with us, so you can get in the driving seat without having to fork over a lump sum of cash in one go. You can use car finance for all types of vehicles, including motorbikes and scooters.  

Use our handy car loan calculator below to find out what the repayment amount could be and whether a car loan is suitable for you, then apply online when you’re ready.  

Our online application form is quick and easy to fill in. You can upload any documents online, and once we approve your application, you can sign your loan agreement online too.  

Looking for a Used-car? Drive more for less with Easy Driver 

Based in Auckland and online, Easy Driver has over 100 quality used vehicles in stock.  At Easy Driver you'll find friendly, knowledgeable staff with over 15 years of experience serving their customers.

Easy Driver has even been rated in the Top 3 large dealerships in the country by BuyerScore, an independent rating and review collection service for vehicle dealers in New Zealand.

Easy Driver has a wide range of vehicles with car finance options to suit every budget. Not based in Auckland? No worries! They can still help you find a vehicle to suit your needs and budget. You can browse their range online or give them a call to arrange your visit to the car yard.

Apply online today with Instant Finance, and once approved you can choose the best possible vehicle for your needs knowing exactly how much money you have to shop with!

What type of car are you looking for?

Instant Finance Car Loan. Family SUV

Family SUV

Looking for something to move the whole family around in style? A safe and stylish SUV starts at around $10,000 and holds its value well too.
Instant Finance Car Loans. Compact Hatchback

Compact Hatchback

If you're looking for something a little more compact, a hatchback will do just the trick! Starting at around $6,000 you can get from A to B safely.
Instant Finance Car Loans. Family Sedan

Family Sedan

With room for the family and the dog, a family-sized sedan is a perfect runabout. Starting from around $8,000 and up, you can choose the car that suits your needs.

Estimating your car loan repayment 

Thinking about buying a new car and wanting to know what you'll be paying before applying for a loan? Instant Finance's user-friendly car loan calculator lets you easily estimate your weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payments by adjusting the loan amount and term.  

It's a great way to get an idea of what your repayments might be. Just remember our interest rates are customised to each person's financial situation, so it’s best you apply online and get a personalised quote from us! 

How does Instant Finance car finance work? 

With Instant Finance, it’s easy to apply for car loans in NZ. 

  1. Apply online with your contact info, financial details, the loan amount and the type of loan you want.
  2. We’ll assess your loan application and let you know if we can lend you the money and what loan options you’re eligible for. 
  3. If we can, we’ll transfer the money directly to your bank account. 

If you would like to get an estimate of your loan repayment before you apply, simply enter the loan amount and term on our car finance calculator above.  

Things to look out for when taking out a car loan

We work with Easy Driver to make sure that you have the best options, but here are a few things to look out for when you're taking out car finance in NZ.

  • Deposit and Repayments. Understanding your car finance terms will help you plan exactly what you can afford. Instant Finance offers car loan packages that include no deposit so you can choose a quality car, easier.
  • Do your research. If buying from a dealership, you most likely would be offered car finance, but make sure you do your research as often the dealership doesn’t have a good interest rate compared to Instant Finance.
  • Protect yourself with insurance! Slip-ups happen, so whether it’s protecting yourself from a stone chip or something more serious, vehicle insurance will help protect your car and your car loan.
  • Car warranties. Wherever you purchase your car from, take note of the warranty on offer to give you peace of mind. Easy Driver offers a best-in-class, nil-excess warranty for 12 months or up to 30,000kms (whichever comes first!).
  • Read the terms. Take the time to carefully read through the loan terms, lending criteria, repayment amount, dates, and any other fees associated with your loan before you sign your loan agreement.

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Loan terms

Our minimum loan term is 3 months, and our maximum loan period is typically 5 years.

Interest rates

Instant Finance provides loans at an annual interest rate from 12.95% to 29.95% per annum.
The rate that applies to your loan will be based on a range of factors including your circumstances, credit history with us or others, the security you can provide and the loan amount.

Once set, our interest rate is fixed for the term of your loan.

Default interest rate

If you get behind in your loan repayments, then we may charge a default interest rate on any overdue loan payments, while they are unpaid. The Default rate that we charge is 10% per annum above the Interest Rate that normally applies to your loan.

On this basis the maximum annual interest rate charged would be 39.95%

Loan fees

We have various fees attributed to your loan which are added to your loan repayments.




Loan establishment fee

A one-off set up fee for your loan.

From $100 to $220 depending on amount of new money borrowed

Administration fee

A fee per instalment paid.

$3 (per instalment)

Variation fee

A one-off fee charged if your loan terms are changed.


Full repayment fee

A one-off fee if you pay off your loan in full before the final payment is due.

$25 + any calculated loss.   

ID Verification Processing Fee

A per verification charge through a 3rd party.


Loan Example:

The amount repayable of your loan is made up of your interest rate, plus fees. For example, if borrowing $10,000 repayable over 3 years at an interest rate of 29.95% you would be required to make 156 weekly instalments of $102.54. This repayment is made up of interest, an establishment fee of $220, an ID verification fee of $7.70 and an administration fee of $3.00 per instalment.

Total interest would be $5,300.54 with total fees of $695.7 making the total payable over the full term $15,996.24.