Makers of possible

Instant Finance has been trading for over 50 years, so we certainly understand personal lending and the needs of New Zealanders. We have a network of 25 branches from Kaikohe to Dunedin along with an online team ready to help you, so we're easily accessible and here when you need us. Our friendly team of experienced and approachable staff that will listen, understand your personal situation and lend responsibly. That's a promise. Instant Finance - Makers of Possible.

Responsible Lenders

Instant Finance is a responsible lender and we promote responsible borrowing. That means we're committed to ensuring your personal loan fits your family or household budget and that you can make your loan repayment targets. We'll be there to support you after you get your cash loan, with additional advice, understanding and assistance. If your nearest branch isn't open, you can contact us, chat online (see our online chat feature at the bottom of the page) or freephone on 0800 760 000.

Over 80% of the loans we write today are for returning customers. That's a testament to what we do, and endorsements don't get much stronger than that...

Our responsible lending promise

  • Let's look at your budget together
  • Let's be realistic about your needs
  • We'll always listen to your issues
  • We'll help whenever we can
  • We'll offer you choice and respect
  • We'll be transparent about your interest rate and any additional fees

Find out about Instant Finance’s enduring history.

While we may have had a few faces and names over the years, one thing remains the same – our commitment to helping New Zealanders with responsible personal lending!

The very first Instant Finance dates back to 1970 when Nigel Nausbaum started a company called Manhattan Finance in Lower Hutt. By 1971, the very first Instant Finance Auckland branch was opened in Panmure as well as others around the wider Auckland area who all worked to help Kiwis like you with personal lending. Interestingly, although these branches were separate companies, they all traded as Instant Finance. By October 2001, the eight Instant Finance branches combined into one and became the Instant Finance you know today as ‘Instant Finance NZ Ltd’. Since 2012, we’ve continued to expand as Instant Finance Limited and now have 25 branches across the country.