Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, to enjoy the holidays and relax! But we all know that Christmas can be an expensive & stressful time of year too.

Saving money over Christmas

With Christmas just days away, we want to help you have the best day possible. If cash is holding you back from presents for the kids, a feast and a totally epic Christmas, let’s chat. We can help make your Christmas extra special.

But don’t feel pressured to go OTT with the spending! With a nifty budget and smart spending, you can have a fantastic Christmas. Here are our top spending tips for enjoying a festive day, no matter your budget.  

1. Embrace Secret Santa

Why buy a present for everyone in the family when you can make the most of Secret Santa? Rather than focusing on individuals, this activity can bring everyone together and be the highlight of your Christmas Day too. Set a budget for the family, pick names from a hat and personalise your gifts, or even shake it up and play the bad Santa version where you can steal from other people as you go!

Check out our friends at MyHome for some great gift ideas which you can get your hands on with zero deposit, at an affordable price and with a loan from us! You could also hit the dollar stores for great deals on arts and crafts for the kids or pop into the local op shops to really find a bargain.

2. Get crafty in the kitchen

We’re not cooking Christmas dinner just yet – but we’re in the kitchen making presents, of course! There’s nothing better than receiving a personalised gift, so get creative with cookies, cakes and muffins for family and friends. Festive cookie cutters and crafty icing with people’s names is a sure-fire way to their hearts.

3. Choose time over money

We all know it’s the thought that really counts, so ditch the gifts this year and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Invite an old friend for dinner, take your grandma for a picnic or a walk on the beach and catch up. If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s to not take for granted the time we have, so let’s make the most of it.

4. Bring a plate!

Christmas dinners can push the budget up! So, whether you’re the host this year or you’re off to your family’s house, why not suggest that everyone bring a dish? With a little planning (not just potluck style), you can share the cost, not to mention the hard work, and have an extravagant Christmas dinner in style. Here’s how you could split up the menu:

  • Nibbles to start – think chips, dips, cheese & nuts.
  • Meat – roast chicken or ham is our go-to!
  • Roast veges – you can’t go past some Christmas Day potato and kumara.
  • Salads & sides – you might need a few of these so split them up between the family.
  • Dessert – will you go traditional with a classic Christmas pavlova or is chocolate mousse more your style?
  • Drinks – ask everyone to BYO this year!

Start thinking about saving for next year!

It might seem a bit early to be thinking of Christmas 2021, but to make sure next Christmas is one to remember too, why not start saving now? By putting away just a small amount each week, it can quickly add up so you have a stash of cash come the big day!


Another thing you could try is to shop smartly during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with our ultimate guide.

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