If you need cash now and you’re thinking of applying for a personal loan, we know it can be a bit daunting! Borrowing from us shouldn’t be difficult, so we’ve put together this handy guide on personal loan eligibility check.

The Instant Finance ultimate guide to personal loan eligibility check

We know unexpected situations happen every day, so when you need cash it’s our job to make getting a loan easy as possible for everyday Kiwis like you. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, we’re here to help. Whether you need some extra cash for personal reasons, an emergency, financing a car or even a debt consolidation loan, we’ve got you covered.

Now you know a bit about us, let’s take a look at what we need to know from you.

Firstly, are you eligible for a personal loan?

We don’t ask for a lot, promise! If you meet these requirements, we can get the ball rolling with your personal loan application.

  1. Be over 18. Taking out a loan is a big commitment. We need to know you’re able to manage the responsibility, so we only accept loan applications from those 18 years and above. If you’re under 18 and need our help, we can talk to a parent or guardian about what we can do to assist you in the meantime.
  2. Live in New Zealand. To meet our personal loan eligibility, you need to be currently residing in NZ as a resident or citizen and be able to show us proof of address. Did you know, Work Visa holders may qualify to borrow for a period that ends before their work visa expires? How cool!
  3. Have a valid photo I.D. We accept all forms of I.D. from New Zealand residents. Whether that be the Kiwi access card, 18+ card or an NZ driver’s license. For non-NZ residents, we need to sight your passport before we can approve your loan.
  4. Be able to afford the repayments. Our commitment to you is that we won’t let you get in over your head! So our team will work with you to budget and sort your finances to ensure you have the most effective repayment schedule.

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Easy! So, what’s the next step if you do qualify for a loan?

Understanding the application process

With our simple and easy online application process, getting the ball rolling on your loan is easier than ever! Use our handy personal loan eligibility calculator, choose the amount you would like to borrow, and adjust the term of your loan to find realistic and manageable timelines & repayments. Once you have an amount in mind, apply online and one of our friendly staff will get in contact with you to discuss the next steps of processing your loan.

But if online is not really your thing yet and you want to talk to someone to get the ball rolling, no problem, we’re here to help. Just pop into one of our 26 branches across the country.

Speeding up your loan application

Need that loan quick? Here are our top tips to fly through the application process and get that cash in your account quickly.

  1. Be organised. When our team contact you, make sure you have all the documents you need ready. We’ll need a letter addressed to you to verify your home address, contact information, and the last 3 months of your bank account transfers to ensure you’re able to borrow without getting in over your head. It’s about us being responsible together. If the team need any other information from you, the quicker you provide us with the details, the quicker we can get your loan sorted and cash in your account.
  2. Credit score. A good credit score is not necessary to receive a loan from us, but it can help speed up the process. Check out our recent blog to find out more about credit scores and see how you can improve yours. Even previous defaults may not exclude you. It’s a matter of understanding the circumstances and how we can help get you ahead.
  3. As part of our loan assessment, we may ask for some form of security. It’s good to think ahead and decide what you are going to secure your loan against. It could be your car, household chattels, or other valuable personal property. Our team will talk to you about what works best for your loan amount and term.

Remember, these are just things to keep in mind! We can usually provide approval and complete loan documents on a same-day basis, but the more organised you are, the faster you’ll have cash in your account.

How can I get updates on my loan?

We have something exciting coming so you’ll have your loan status and updates at your fingertips, but for now, the best way to check in on your loan is to swing into your local branch or call one of our friendly team on 0800 760 000.

What happens after my loan is approved?                                                                                      

Once your loan is approved, we work fast to get you the cash you need within 24 hours or the following business day.

After the cash reaches you, our team will make sure you have everything you need to keep up to date with your loan. From there, it’s all about managing the repayments and keeping in contact if you need a hand with anything else.

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We also have some tips on how to choose the right personal loan provider that you might be looking for.