The Instant Finance Fast $500 Cash Loan


Car broken down? Need to pay a new rental bond? Or just in need of some quick cash to help settle-up some unexpected bills? We understand that life can throw you some curveballs when you least expect it, leaving you frustrated and potentially in need of some financial help.

How does a $500 Cash loan that you pay 0% interest over a short term of 3 months sound? All you'll pay is a $95 establishment fee. We also aim to have all loans processed swiftly so you can have access to the cash, fast. 

Fast $500 Loans can be applied for online but all loan applications will be forwarded to your nearest Instant Finance branch for approval and loan draw down. Pop into your nearest branch or apply online.  

Normal and responsible lending criteria apply. Please read the full T&Cs.

  • 0% Interest
  • 3 month term
  • Establishment fee of $95 applies
  • We aim to have your loan processed within 60-minutes

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FAST $500 Promotional T&Cs

Instant Finance provides the FAST $500 loan product as a promotional offering to introduce new and existing customers to our products and services. The FAST $500 is specifically designed to help customers to avoid the trap of the Pay-Day loan cycle by spreading a small urgent need over a slightly longer period so they can afford the required repayments as a part of their normal weekly expenses.

Terms & Conditions

Instant Finance’s normal Terms and Conditions of approval and responsible lending assessment apply. The following special Terms and Conditions apply to FAST $500 applications and loans.

The FAST $500 loan product is available during limited promotional periods.
FAST $500 loans are only available to be drawn down during the stated period.
Customers may have only one FAST $500 loan with an outstanding balance at any time.

Amount: $500
All FAST $500 loans are for a Principal Sum of $500, plus the Establishment Fee.

Interest Rate: 0.00%pa

Default Interest Rate: 39.95%pa
Default interest will be charged on any overdue loan payments while they remain unpaid.

Establishment Fee: $95.00
This is a contribution towards the cost of assessing and processing approved loan applications.

Administration Fee: $0.00
This is a contribution towards the costs of ongoing maintenance/processing of a loan.

Security: Unsecured
FAST $500 loans are unsecured. If a customer does not qualify for an unsecured loan they may be offered a secured loan under Instant Finance’s normal lending terms and conditions.

Loan Term: Maximum of 92 Days
This equates to 13 weeks, or 6 fortnights or 3 months.

FAST $500 loans are required to be repaid by equal instalments over the 13 week, 6 fortnight, or 3 month loan terms as we may agree.

30 Minute Approval*:
Once you have provided us with all of the required information to assess your application we will provide an answer within 30 minutes. Loans are available to be drawn down within our normal business hours.
*NOTE: every effort will be made to meet this response time but it is dependant upon receiving all of the required information to process individual applications.

Required Information:
This includes all of the information on our standard application form together with proof of address income employment and/or benefit qualification details. If you are not already an Instant Finance customer, or if identity documentation is out of date, then we will require to sight and copy your current government issued photo identification (Drivers License or Passport).