We can’t believe it’s December already! 2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year for many Kiwis so the holidays are a great excuse to relax, get together and spend some quality time with our loved ones. We want to help you plan your budget for Christmas so that you can re-evaluate your finances and start 2022 off on the right foot!

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Hidden expenses to budget for this Christmas

When we think of a Christmas budget, usually we only think about how much we’re planning to spend on gifts for our loved ones. But Christmas is nearly here and we often find ourselves a bit strapped for cash, and we aren’t sure where our funds have gone! That’s because we forget about all the other expenses involved in the season’s festivities. Let’s take a look at the additional expenses that ramp up over the holiday season so that you can be prepared and get a strong start on 2022.

Festive events

The festive season comes with being extra social and catching up with friends and rellies, especially for Aucklander’s who have been in lockdown until recently! We can’t think of a better way to catch up than sharing some drinks and food, whether it’s a barbie on the beach, in the comfort of your own home, or hitting a new food joint. Unfortunately, social costs add up quick. Of course, cooking at home is always a cheaper way to go but allow some room in your budget for a bigger grocery bill as we get closer to Christmas. Be sure to set some funds aside specifically for social food and drink so you don’t have to dip into those savings!

Time off or annual leave

Taking time off work over the holidays? Hopefully, you have enough annual leave that you won’t have a slim paycheque. If you can’t take paid annual leave and you’re stuck with unpaid leave, that’s okay too! Don’t be left unprepared – set aside a bit more money leading up to your time off to cover your basic needs and the bills until you’re back in the swing of things with full pay.

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 Travel costs & accommodation

If you’re travelling over the holidays and your loved ones don’t have a spare room or camping in the backyard isn’t your idea of relaxing, you may need to book a local bach, motel, or AirBnB. When budgeting, make sure you account for all those hidden costs like potential cleaning, service, and linen fees that are sometimes added on when you’re booking. Don’t forget your travel costs too such as petrol, making sure your WOF and service are up-to-date before you hit the road, and pack your own road trip snacks to avoid expensive stops along the way.

Christmas extras

We always find that it’s the small Christmas extras that leave us feeling a bit light in the pocket. We’re talking wrapping paper, cards, decorations for your home, and possibly even a new outfit to wear to your get-togethers. We suggest working wrapping paper and cards into your gift budgets, or making your own to keep costs down. Your family will love a handmade card from the kids and it’s a great way to get them involved in the gift-giving too. As for putting together a new outfit for your Xmas events, get together with friends or family and have a look to see if you can borrow anything from their wardrobes. You can often find some great items that haven’t been worn in a while too!

If the costs of Christmas is feeling a little overwhelming this year, the team at Instant Finance can help to put your mind at ease. Whether it’s an extra $200 to cover festive events or a larger sum to get you through to the New Year, we’re here to help. Get in touch or apply online to find out how we can help you and your family have a festive Christmas.

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