Instant Finance
‘HELP OUT A FRIEND’ Referral Promotion

Terms and conditions

  1. When an existing Instant Finance customer introduces a “new customer” who then borrows $1,000 or more from Instant Finance during the term of this promotion, both the existing customer and the new customer will be given a $150 prepaid retail card acceptable at all places who accepts Visa cards.
  2. For the purposes of this promotion, a “new customer” is a either a person who has never previously borrowed from Instant Finance, or an existing customer who has not drawn down a loan with Instant Finance for 3 years before the date of claim.
  3. There is 1 x $150 Prepaid retail card available for the referrer and 1 x $150 prepaid retail card for the new customer. Multiple cards will not be given to existing or new customers who have multiple customers on a contract.
  4. Prepaid retail cards will be presented only after the statutory consumer loan cancellation period has passed. This being 5 working days after the draw down of the advance.
  5. This promotion runs from 31 March 2018 until further notice and applies only to loans that are both approved and drawn down during that period.
  6. The “Help out a friend” referral promotion is available to personal consumer referrals only and not available to the general business community in the form of commission payments.
  7. The prepaid retail cards will be given to customers who qualify for them by the Instant Finance branch that approves the new draw down by the new customer as outlined in point 2. It is the responsibility of qualifying customers to collect their prepaid retail card from that branch. Proof of identity for referrer and new customer will be required.
  8. Instant Finance’s decision about:
    a. Whether a customer has been introduced by another customer;
    b. Whether to approve a loan to any new customer; or
    c. Any other matter relating to this promotion or these terms and conditions;
    Is in each case final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  9. Customers who qualify for prepaid cards must accept their prepaid card in person, cannot transfer their entitlement to any other person, and cannot ask Instant Finance to replace with cash.
  10. To qualify for this promotion, new customers must be aged 18 years or older.
  11. By entering this promotion, participants are taken to have read and agreed to all these terms and conditions and also to have accepted the terms and conditions that apply to prepaid cards generally.
  12. By accepting prepaid cards from Instant Finance, customers will also be taken to agree that Instant Finance may use their names and photos of them for promotional purposes.
  13. This promotion does not apply to any staff, agents or suppliers of Instant Finance Ltd or any of its related companies.
  14. Instant Finance Ltd and its related companies collect and hold certain details of your personal information for the purposes of these promotions. You have the right to access and correct your personal information under the Privacy Act 1993.

FAST $500

Instant Finance provides the FAST $500 loan product as a promotional offering to introduce new and existing customers to our products and services. The FAST $500 is specifically designed to help customers to avoid the trap of the Pay-Day loan cycle by spreading a small urgent need over a slightly longer period so they can afford the required repayments as a part of their normal weekly expenses.

Terms & Conditions

Instant Finance’s normal Terms and Conditions of approval and responsible lending assessment apply. The following special Terms and Conditions apply to FAST $500 applications and loans.

The FAST $500 loan product is available during limited promotional periods.
FAST $500 loans are only available to be drawn down during the stated period.
Customers may have only one FAST $500 loan with an outstanding balance at any time.

Amount: $500
All FAST $500 loans are for a Principal Sum of $500, plus the Establishment Fee.

Interest Rate: 0.00%pa

Default Interest Rate: 39.95%pa
Default interest will be charged on any overdue loan payments while they remain unpaid.

Establishment Fee: $99.00
This is a contribution towards the cost of assessing and processing approved loan applications.

Administration Fee: $0.00
This is a contribution towards the costs of ongoing maintenance/processing of a loan.

Security: Unsecured
FAST $500 loans are unsecured. If a customer does not qualify for an unsecured loan they may be offered a secured loan under Instant Finance’s normal lending terms and conditions.

Loan Term: Maximum of 92 Days
This equates to 13 weeks, or 6 fortnights or 3 months.

FAST $500 loans are required to be repaid by equal instalments over the 13 week, 6 fortnight, or 3 month loan terms as we may agree.

30 Minute Approval*:
Once you have provided us with all of the required information to assess your application we will provide an answer within 30 minutes. Loans are available to be drawn down within our normal business hours.
*NOTE: every effort will be made to meet this response time but it is dependant upon receiving all of the required information to process individual applications.

Required Information:
This includes all of the information on our standard application form together with proof of address income employment and/or benefit qualification details. If you are not already an Instant Finance customer, or if identity documentation is out of date, then we will require to sight and copy your current government issued photo identification (Drivers License or Passport).