Instant Finance has been running the Community Spirit Programme since 2005. Over that time many clubs, churches, charities, schools, community groups and dedicated individuals have received awards to assist them in their work.

We created this programme to financially contribute to the good work being carried on in the communities Instant Finance works in, to give our customers a voice and some money to support the communities they live in.

Laniake'a Intermediate girls from Hawaikinui Tua Rua

Dear Ruth

We would like to acknowledge your support sponsoring our young intermediate team.
Your beanies and drink bottles are much valued during the winter trainings.

Much appreciated.




Massey Catholic Youth based out of St Malachy’s Parish in Ranui, West Auckland.

Attached are some of the photos that was taken from last Saturdays competition.
I hope you like the uniform you donated… Thank you so much Instant Finance!




May Road Primary School – Joint sponsorship of prize  giving

“Thank you so much for believing in our wish to reward our students. I’m so proud of our school, almost in tears that this has come true.”